Event Type Tab

Event Type Tab

1.  You need to turn On the Schedule An Event option.  schedule_event.png

2.  Now select your event Location from the drop list.  


    Options are:  

  • Online: for a webinar, webcast or teleseminar, to be hosted on Instant Customer.
  • Offline: for a social event or social gathering.
3.  Next choose Event Type from the drop down list.   
    Options are:
  • On Demand Event - Your online event is available whenever a viewer hits the events page. 
  • One Time Event - Have your event scheduled for a specific date and time
  • Recurring Event - Allow your event to be played again and again at specific dates and time
4.  Next you can select your Media Type from the drop list. 
     Options are:
  • Video - use in built Instant Customer audio player
  • Audio - use Instant Customer built in video player
  • Manual - Use your own media player (no tracking). 
bulb_dim.png Please note only audio and video hosted with Instant Customer allows tracking.  Therefore, if you lack tracking you are not be able to set custom auto responders such as “15 minutes after even if attended” or “15 minutes after event if left early”. 
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