Phone Routing Call Forwarding Options

Phone Routing Call Forwarding Options

  Please note:  Anyone forwarded by Instant Customer will have their phone number added to the subscriber list, and will receive your SMS auto responders. 

You can use call forwarding and extensions to:

  • Transfer a caller to a different phone number
  • Add a caller to another campaign
  • Transfer a caller to another campaign
  • Play an audio file

From Campaign Dashboard > Edit> Opt-in Channels> SMS/Voice Tab:

Routing options

How do you want to transfer the call?

  • Auto route at the beginning of the call
  • Callers must press 1 to route call

Route call to: 



Set up automatic forwarding of phone calls

  1. Go to Campaign > Edit Opt-in Channels SMS / Voice tab
  2. Turn ON Routing Options.
  3. Select "Auto route at the start of the call"
  4. Enter in phone number.
  5. Save and Exit


Set up simple forwarding by pressing 1

bulb_dim.png  Please Note:  Call forwarding is not enabled unless a custom greeting is uploaded, because otherwise customers do not know they need to press 1 to be transferred.

  1. Record a greeting that instructs subscriber to Press 1 to be transferred and upload the file to the Media Center.
  2. Go to Campaign > Edit Opt-in Channels > SMS / Voice tab
  3. Turn ON Routing  Options.
  4. Select "Callers must press 1 to route call"
  5. Enter In Phone Number
  6. Go to the Greeting tab > Turn ON  "Replace default message with your custom recording" > Select "Choose a file from your existing audio files on Instant Customer" > Select the call forwarding greeting from the drop list.
  7. Save and Exit



bulb_dim.png  Please Note:  Instant Customer can only track length of the call if it stays within our provider's system. Once the call leaves our provider's system we can not track the length of the call.  Any call time duration displayed is the time it takes Instant Customer to get a return call completed ping. Sometimes the ping is not returned to our system.

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