Add Toll Free Number (Top of Screen > Manage)

Add New Toll-Free Number

1.  On the main page, under Manage, select Phone Numbers.


2.  Click Add New Toll-Free Number

3.  Select a Country. bulb_dim.png Please note at time of article publication, only 3 countries are supported:  United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

4.  You can also enter numbers, letters, or wildcards you want a phone number to include. (The wildcard character "*" matches any digit.)

5.  Once you have set all the above criteria correctly, click Search to see a list of all available toll-free phone numbers.  A message indicates whether or not a number was found.


6.  Now select a Number from the drop list.

7.  Now type in an Internal Descriptive Name.


8. Select Save.

Your toll-free number is available for use in a campaign.  Use it to collect information from a voicemail or transfer caller to an outside number.

bulb_dim.png  Please note, phone companies do not allow use SMS with a toll-free number.  Therefore, If you have a toll free number attached to your campaign, the campaign cannot send or receive SMS messages.

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