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Phone Numbers

Using a unique phone number ensures that your Instant Customer campaign will be easy for your customers to use, and they won't accidentally get into the wrong campaign. Without a unique number, your customers have to use a number in the 858 area code and enter a PIN to access your campaign... That is a lot of numbers for them to remember. With a unique number, PINs are not used.

You can choose between adding:

  • Add New Local Number
  • Add New Toll-Free number
  • Add New Caller ID. 


The set-up is similar for all, so for this example we look at how to Add New Local Number.

Vanity Numbers

If you want to use a Vanity Number, you need to use the "Contains" field available to both the Add New Local Number and Add New Toll-Free number.

The “contains” box is used for a vanity number Let's say you have a Las Vegas area code (702) and would like your number to be 702­AWE­SOME just enter the letters or digits into this box, and Instant Customer searches for availability.  

bulb_dim.png  Please note, there is very limited availability with vanity numbers. The final box is titled “Internal Descriptive Name” this is where you can add your notes in regards to the number ie “used for the awesome campaign”.

bulb_dim.png  Please note once this number is used in a campaign it is not visible in other campaigns.

bulb_dim.png  Phone numbers are charged monthly until deleted.


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