Add Local Phone Number (Top of Screen > Manage)

Adding a New Local Phone Number 


1.  Click Phone Numbers to get started.

2.  Click on Add New Local Number

3.  Select the country for subscriber text messages.

4.  Type in your numbers area code. Most people choose the area code where their business is located. If you leave this blank, Instant Customer makes the selection on your behalf.

5.  You can also enter numbers, letters, or wildcards that you want a phone number to contain. (The wildcard character "*" matches any digit.)

6.  Click Search button.  

7.  You receive a message indicating whether or not a numbers are available.


bulb_dim.png In some cases, you may find there is not a phone number for a particular area code.  We recommend you check often for newly released numbers.  If you are still unable to find a number in your area code, it could be that the area code is exhausted, and none are available.  

8.  Select a Number from the drop list.



9.  Type in a name for your number so you can easily identify it in campaigns.  This is only an internal descriptive name.

10.  Click the Save button.


This number is now available for use in a campaign.  

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