Click-Through URL

Click Through URL

The click-through URL is used to track "clicks" on the link you provide in your HTML email message.  This gives you a good indication as to whether or not your copy is successfully enticing people to click on the link.

To use the Click-through URL option:

  1. Decide which page you want to direct people to.
  2. Enter this URL into the Click-through URL field. 


3.  In the body of your HTML email message insert the {click_url} tag where you want to place the URL link. 


  • Select Tag option to the right of the message box.
  • Now select Personal Tag option.
  • Scroll down to find the {click_url} tag.
  • Click on {click_url} to insert in message.


4.  When your message is sent out, the {click_url} tag will be replaced by the URL you entered in the click-through URL field. 

Please note to mask the click through url:

  • Enter in text such as "Click Here"
  • Highlight the text.
  • Click the ink tool

  • On Insert/Edit Link screen click button Predefined tag {click_url} tag or enter {click_url} in the Link URL field.


5.  The system tracks the number of clicks if the link is clicked.

6.  You can view the number of clicks from the Autoresponders tab.  


bulb_dim.png  Please note.  The click-through URL only works for HTML email messages; it does not work with plain text format.  

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