Gather Subscriber's Influence Score

Gather Subscriber's Influence Score 

How Subscribers Influence Score System works:

The Social Influence System takes the subscriber's email address, and checks various databases to see if that email address is associated with social networking profiles. If so, the influence of those accounts is calculated based on the number of followers, activity, re-tweets, and so on.  2014-05-14_1147.png

What does the Social Influence System tell you?

• The system returns a single number ranged from 0 – 100. Higher is more influential. The system does not auto-populate the subscriber's social network accounts.

• Located profiles will be listed in the client's details page, which you can check by clicking the pencil next to the subscriber's name.

The system is designed to be a simple metric to enable you to identify and target subscribers who have the possibility of impacting your business most. The Social Influence System does not tell you your clients' number of followers, post rate, or what they had for breakfast.  

Why is my client's score zero?

• No email address. The only input used by the Social Influence System is the subscriber's email address. Names aren't used because they're not unique, and the system can't tell if it has the right John Smith. So while your client's name may get a million hits on google, only their email matters.

• Personal vs business email address. If your client uses their personal email address ( for all their social networking, but they gave you their business email (, no profiles will be found, and the system will return a zero score.

• Private profiles. We can only report on information we receive. For example, profiles that are set to private will never appear in the Influence report. On the other end, Twitter data is the easiest for us to find.

• We're not allowed to scrape information from social networking sites ourselves; we would get blacklisted instantly. Instead, we have to purchase data from many sources, and sometimes that information might be a couple of weeks or months old. 

How to use the Social Influence System in a campaign:

If you’re having an event, and you want to create a buzz around it, you could use the social influence scores to find the people on your list who would be most likely to go and talk about their experience. Invite those people to your event, make sure everyone has a great experience, and watch what happens! 

We're constantly improving the system - and getting more data from as many locations as possible.

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