Social Media Information Tab - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube, iTunes

Social Media Information Tab - View Profile - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube, iTunes

This tab is where you can enter your social media aliases such as Facebook, Twitter. Linkedin and Youtube.  Just like the Contact Information tab, fields on this tab are automatically populated with data from your Profile & Preferences.  You can change the information by deleting existing information & typing in new information. 

To complete this information, just enter your alias for the social media site listed. For example, the Facebook link for Instant Customer is "InstantCustomer" -- you do not need to use the prefix (for example, for any of the social sites. 

Facebook Personal Page Alias

Simply login to your Facebook page and select the Authenticate button.  IC will automatically populate this information for you.


Facebook Business Page Alias that is associated with personal account:  

bulb_dim.png  If you have already authenticated your personal Facebook back just select the Remove button.

With Instant Customer all you need to do is enter the alias of your business account ie the alias for the URL is displayed in bold/caps, there is no need to authenticate as that will enter whatever Facebook account you are logged into.  

First make sure you have a page Web Address/ Username  for your page.  This can be setup on the Page > Page Info screen.




Now enter the username (in this example landcruiser88) into the field then Save & Exit.


Once these fields are completed, you can use the social media tags in your messaging such as an Autoresponder.  An example of the application of this can be found if you use the {social_signature_html} tag in the footer of your emails. It renders the links where your subscribers can connect with you online.  


Clicking the Facebook link in the social signature tag above takes you to the business web address/ username (based on the above example) opened this link:  



Twitter Alias

Simply login to your Twitter page and select the Authenticate button.  IC will automatically populate this information for you.



LinkedIn Alias

Go to your LinkedIn Profile > Edit Profile > locate the URL next to your Contact information.



Enter the last portion of the URL into the LinkedIn Alias field.  In this example:  zurfluhcourt


Google+ Alias

Login to your Google+ account and go to Profile.  You should see a string of numbers on the profile screen.  This is your Google+ ID.

Copy & Paste these numbers into the Google+ Alias field.





YouTube Alias

Inside your YouTube Settings is an Advanced link.


 Click here to view your Channel URL or to create a Custom URL


Enter in the last portion of the URL into the YouTube Alias field



bulb_dim.png  Please note if you are sending and HTML Message both the social site link and icon will be inserted.  If you would prefer not to display the social icon images, but rather just text links you can use the {social_signature_text} tag.


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