Add Social Signature Tag (Instant Builder 2.0) - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube, iTunes

Add Social Signature Tag  (Instant Builder 2.0) - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube, iTunes

Once the Social Media Information fields are completed, you can use the social media tags to your campaign web page and/or your messaging such as an Autoresponder.  



The social signature tag with icons is:   {social_signature_html}

The social signature with text links and no icons is:  {social_signature_text}


Add social signature to campaign web page.

1.  Confirm your social signatures are setup.  

  • Account wide signatures are found under View Profile > Social Information tab.  
  • Campaign specific signatures are found under Campaign Details > Social Information tab.  

2.  Edit your campaign (Instant Builder 2.0)

  • Launch Instant Builder 2.0
  • Navigate to the page you would like to place the social signature tag
  • Click on Green + button 


  • Select Text from the list of items to insert
  • Hover over the new Text area and select Edit   


  • Now type in: {social_signature_html}
  • Save & Save and Exit 
  • Now preview your social signatures on your web page.


Add social Signature to Autoresponder

  1. Navigate to the campaign, hover over the name and click the View button.
  2. Click on Autoresponders tab from the campaign dashboard.
  3. Either create a new autoresponder or Edit an existing autoresponder.
  4. Add either the {social_signature_html} tag for a HTML message in the footer area of your emails. 
  5. If you are sending a text only email then you will need to use the text only tag option: {social_signature_text} 


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