SMS Link (Campaign Detail)

SMS Link

bulb_dim.png  Please note:  If you want to associate a Link / QR to a specific campaign you  need to set it up from the Link Tab on the campaign dashboard.  The purpose of Link/QR on the main screen is to view which Links / QR are associated to specific campaigns, to quickly edit Short Links and to delete Link / QR

  • This creates an SMS link and when followed it opens subscribers text message window on their phone, and populates the “send to” field with the business owner’s (your), phone number.
  • It populates the message field with the message.
  • The only action a subscriber has to take to opt-in is to press send.
  • With SMS links, it is a good idea to create a message similar to this: “Replace this text with (whatever information you require for people to opt-­in to your campaign...usually name/email/etc.).”


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