Short Link (Campaign Detail)

Short Link  

bulb_dim.png  Please note:  If you want to associate a Link / QR to a specific campaign you need to set it up from the Link Tab on the campaign dashboard.  The purpose of Link/QR on the main screen is to view which Links / QR are associated to specific campaigns, to edit Short Links quickly and to delete Link / QR.



  • The Good Thing About Short Links - Unlike other links, Short Links allow you to change the URL attached to the link. For example, if you use this link to send customers to a page, but later decide you want to send them to a different page, you can change that at any time.  Alternatively  if you change the contents in a document and re-upload you can use the newer documents URL.
  • Short codes - do not work internationally
  • The short link is the most versatile of the group.  Click the bubble to see what you need to include. 


  • In the URL field, put the URL that you want your link to go to. 
  • In the Custom Alias section, you can attach a snippet of text, or simply leave this section blank and Instant Customer generates a random one for you.


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