Resubmit Podcast to iTunes

Resubmit Podcast to iTunes

When you re-submit a podcast to iTunes it is usually necessary to change the Title slightly because of their submissions process.


Submit to iTunes

  1. Select Submit to iTunes from the black podcast toolbar.  This launches a video on how to submit your podcast to iTunes.  Or you can follow the support instructions .



Apple sends an email indicating they have received podcast feed and it is under review.



 2.  Once you receive your approved podcast notification from the iTunes store  Edit the podcast channel.


  3.  From the Manage Podcast page, hover your cursor over the Podcast Title and click Edit.

  4.  Paste the provided feed URL on the  iTunes URL tab.

 Then the Subscribe on iTunes button now appears on your feed page, and you'll be able to use the tag for your iTunes URL in your campaign auto-responders and broadcasts.


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