I can’t find my podcast in the iTunes Store

I can’t find my podcast in the iTunes Store

More than likely the iTunes servers have not had time to index your podcast.  Alternatively, your podcast metadata needs fine-tuning.  Please see excerpts from iTunes Podcast Creator FAQ below. 

I submitted my podcast, but I can’t find it in the iTunes Store.

After you successfully submit your podcast, a confirmation email is sent to the email address associated with your iTunes account. If an itunes:owner is specified in the RSS feed and includes an email address, this and subsequent email will be sent to that address. Your podcast is reviewed by iTunes staff before it goes live in the iTunes Store. If it is approved, you will receive another email, which includes a link to your podcast. The link works immediately, but your podcast is not immediately searchable. The iTunes Store servers must first index your podcast, a process which can take up to 24 hours.

Why do I need good metadata?

You need good metadata so people can find your podcast and decide whether to subscribe to it.

Your podcast’s metadata includes all of the information that describes your podcast for the potential subscriber, as well as for the iTunes search and browse infrastructure. The podcast’s category and subcategory determine where the podcast will appear in the browse tree. The title, author, and description are indexed by the iTunes search engine and used to determine relevance when compared with terms entered by the user in the Search Store field. A high percentage of users look for podcasts via search. If you don’t have good, robust metadata, your podcast will not be found in many searches. And when users do find your podcast, they may not have enough information to decide whether to subscribe.

Your podcast must have robust metadata to be eligible for featuring on the Podcasts main page or the iTunes Store main page.

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