Create New Podcasts

Create New Podcast

The entire process is broken into three stages below.

bulb_dim.png  There is a "Walk Me" for setting up Podcasts.  Go to the Need Help box at the bottom of your screen and type in Podcast.

Stage I - Create New Podcast

  1. From the Manage area at top of screen select Podcast.
  2. Now select Create New Podcast from the black toolbar.
  3. The first tab is the Basic Channel Information tab. Fill out the information.  Fields marked with an asterisk are required.
    • basic_channel.pngPodcast Title - This is the official broadcast title of the podcast.
    • Podcast Homepage URL - Enter the URL for the podcast homepage, "About Me", or other relevant page.  This reference link accompanies your podcast on iTunes, so keep it up to date and create a call to action!

    • Podcast Category - Select an accurate category for your channel or your target audience will have a difficult time finding it.

    • Podcast Description - Enter a compelling description of your podcast here.

  4. Now select Continue button to proceed to Extended Information tab.
  5. Fill out the following information.  Fields marked with an asterisk are required.
    • Podcast Subtitle - Enter your podcast subtitle here.extended_info.png
    • Podcast Image - Use the visual media selector below to choose an image for your podcast, usually a logo or image of the presenter. This is used on both your Instant Customer feed page and iTunes.  bulb_dim.png  While not necessary, iTunes encourages you to use an image that is 1400px x 1400px for high resolution images.
    • Podcast Keywords - Enter relevant Keywords for podcast search engines.
    • Language Code - Verify the language setting for your podcast. 
    • Copyright Info - Set your copyright info including the current year and the name of the company.
    • Additional HTML - This is not required, but you can add additional formatting for your Instant Customer podcast feed page here. Use it for additional information, show notes, calls to action, etc.  bulb_dim.png  Please note, this section does not appear on your iTunes page.

6.  Now select Continue button to proceed to Contact Information tab

7.  Fill out the following information.  Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

    • Podcast Author
    • Podcast Owner
    • Podcast Owner Email - The contact email addresses should be one that you accesses often.
    • Podcast Editor Email 
    • Podcast Webmaster E-Mail

8.  Now select Continue button to proceed to iTunes URL tab.  Leave this blank for now.

    •  bulb_dim.png  ****Before you can get your iTunes URL, you'll need to Save and Exit the podcast and then Add an Episode (s).**** 

Stage II - Add An Episode

  1. bulb_dim.png  You must first upload your podcast recording(s) to your Instant Customer Media Center so it is available on the Episode File tab.
  2. From the Manage Podcast screen hover your cursor over the Podcast Title and click Add Episode.add_episode.png
  3. Fill in the specific Episode Information.
    • Episode Title - Give the episode a title.
    • Episode Reference URL - Use this for a link to any page giving more information on this episode.
    • Episode Description - Provide a compelling description of this episode.
    • Episode Keywords - List the keywords for this episode.
    • Episode Active - You can make the episode available or disable it here.

    4.  Now select the Create New Episode button.  

    5.  Your new Episode Is ready. 

    6.  After adding all of the episodes return to your Podcast List.  

    7.  It is now time to Submit to iTunes.


Stage III - Submit to iTunes

  1. Select Submit to iTunes from the black podcast toolbar.  This launches a video on how to submit your podcast to iTunes.  Or you can follow the support instructions     .



Apple sends an email indicating they have received podcast feed and it is under review.



 2.  Once you receive your approved podcast notification from the iTunes store  Edit the podcast channel.


  3.  From the Manage Podcast page, hover your cursor over the Podcast Title and click Edit.

  4.  Paste the provided feed URL on the  iTunes URL tab.



Then the Subscribe on iTunes button now appears on your feed page, and you'll be able to use the tag for your iTunes URL in your campaign auto-responders and broadcasts.

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