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What is the main purpose of creating podcasts within IC instead of iTunes?

If you create a podcast through Instant Customer it creates a Feedburner page and allow easy linking into Instant Customer auto responders and broadcasts.


What is the value of bringing an existing iTunes podcast to IC?

The biggest advantage is the linking to IC auto responders and broadcasts although you can currently just hyperlink in the URL.


Can I link a podcast to a sub account?

Currently, there is no way to link podcasts to sub accounts.


Why am I getting a Podcast Transcode Error?

This error message usually means there was a problem extracting the audio from your video file. If you see this happen with a .wmv file then you probably rendered it with WMV9, you should try  WMV3. Your video editor or converter should have this option, or try using a different rendering.


What does the error "We had difficulty reading this feed. Bad http result code 504" mean?

The "Bad http result code 504" error is a timeout error that occurs during the process of 2 systems communicating with each other and not an issue with our actual submission process. The only thing that you can do with a 504 error is to keep trying.


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