Account Settings Tab

Account Settings Tab

In this section, edit your account settings including time zones, subscriptions and point refill settings. 


Username – The account is registered to this username.  If you need to change the username or password contact our helpdesk.


Account ID – This is a unique account ID number.  This number is useful to include when contacting support.



System Messages – Instant Customer updates you via e­mail regarding any account related billing issues. System messages include points refill notices and official Instant Customer notifications.


Additional Emails  - If you have a team of people monitoring your account you can add multiple emails so all authorized individuals receive system messages.

 bulb_dim.png It is important to remember system messages are not connected to any of your campaign communications.


Account Time zone – Set your time zone to reflect globally within Instant Customer. It’s important for the system to know what your default time zone should be.



If you are sending out a broadcast message at 10 AM the system needs to know if you want the message to go out in pacific, central, eastern or international time zones.  In most cases, Instant Customer can automatically detect the time zone of your subscribers but in the rare cases it can not default to the time zone set in your Profile and Preference.


Your Subscription Package – The section shows your current billing package, points balance and recharge settings.

  • Current Subscription Package – This shows your current package and gives you the opportunity to Upgrade.
  • Remaining Points – This shows your current point balance you can also manually add points by clicking the Buy More Points button.
  • Automatically Recharge – This shows the amount of points to recharge after your account falls below a specified level, you can pick from different amounts within the drop down menu.  You can also receive an email when your points fall below a specified level.  bulb_dim.png It is good practice to set this to 1,000 points so you will have ample notification.



Affiliate Branding – Did you know that you can earn money by referring individuals to Instant Customer? You can by activating this section.


Affiliate ID – Enter a custom tag of your choosing so our system recognizes your referrals.  

  • Using the affiliate branding “switches” you can select where you would like your custom affiliate link to show you can add it to all your outgoing e­mail addresses, your lead page and your thank you page.


Card Scan Add­-on – This section shows your available card scans if you purchased the Instant Customer Mobile Business Card Scanner App.


From your Instant Customer iPhone app, just go to Settings --> Account --> Buy More Scans.  




Here are links to download Instant Customer Mobile Business Card Scanner App:

The Android App
The iPhone

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