Contact Information Tab

Contact Information Tab

contact_information.pngInput the account holder personal information in the Contact Info tab.

This information autofills each new campaign but can be overwritten at the campaign level.  

Certain autoresponders use either the Campaign Details > Name & Owner tab  and/or  View Profile > Profile & Preferences > Contact Info tab (Account Holder) fields for tags.  

For Example:

  1. The {owner_} tags use the campaign owner's information, which is found in the Campaign Details - Name & Owner tab. These tags are specific to this particular campaign.
  2. The {company_} and {postal_} tags use the Account Holder's information, which is found in View Profile - Contact Info tab (Account Holder). If you change the contents of your Profile & Preferences, it will affect all of your campaigns that use those tags.

For more detailed information, please view topic entitled Tags.









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