Create a New Zap - Make a New Zap

Make a New Zap

There are two parts to a zap.  The first part is the trigger and the second part is the action. 


First Part - Trigger

  1. From the Zaps tab, select Make a New Zap.
  2. Now select the Trigger Service from the drop list.
  3. Now select the Trigger.
  4. In this example:

Trigger Service = Instant Customer

Trigger = New Subscriber Added 


Second Part - Action

  1. Now select the Action Service
  2. Then select the Action
  3. In this example:

Action Service = Constant Contact

Action = Create Contact


Whenever a new subscriber is added to Instant Customer, a contact is created in Constant Contact.



Continue to follow the prompts on the screen, making sure you test accounts, select fields, enable live preview and load sample data.

Once you've made a Zap, it runs automatically without any additional effort on your part.




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