Embed Attach a Video in an Autoresponder or Broadcast

Embed Attach a Video in an Autoresponder or Broadcast

bulb_dim.png  Please note:  video technologies are usually blocked by ISPs and email clients and so your video may not be playable within an email message.  Therefore, it is advisable to place a link to the video (or an image with a link) within an email message.

If you don't want to link to a video inside your autoresponder but would rather have the video play from your autoresponder then you will need to upload it to a video site such as YouTube and use their embed function.

Then on the autoresponder and/or broadcast message you will need to embed the video code supplied by the video site into an html element.




YouTube embed video example.  

1. Select Share

2. Then select Embed

3. Copy code from the box (highlighted in yellow).

4. Open Autorepsonder and/or Broadcasts

5. Click the HTML icon



6.  Paste the embed code into the HTML Source Editor box and then click on the Update Button.


7.  The autoresponder and/or broadcast should look similar to this:  


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