Autoresponders - Click Through URL

Autoresponders - Click Through URL

The click-through URL is used for tracking "clicks" on the link you provide in your html email message.  This indicates whether or not your copy is successful by enticing people to click on the link.

To use the Click-through URL option:

1.  Decide which page you want to direct people to.
2.  Enter this URL into the Click-through URL field. 


3.  In the body of your html email message insert the {click_url} tag where you want to place the URL link.


  • Select Tag option to the right of the message box.
  • Now select Personal Tag section.
  • Scroll down to find the {click_url} tag.
  • Click on {click_url} to insert in message.



4.  When your message is sent, the {click_url} tag will be replaced by the URL you entered in the click-through URL field.


Please note to mask the click through url:

  • Enter in text such as "Click Here"
  • Highlight the text.
  • Click the ink tool

  • On Insert/Edit Link screen click button Predefined tag {click_url} tag or enter {click_url} in the Link URL field.


5.  The system tracks the number of clicks if the link is clicked.

6.  You can view the number of clicks from the Autoresponders tab. 



bulb_dim.png  Please note.  The click-through URL only works for HTML email messages; it does not work with plain text format.  

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