Advanced Activity Log Reporting

Advanced Activity Log Reporting

The Activity Log resulting reports are sorted by date and time which is sufficient for most users.  In circumstances where you need better reporting, we recommend installing a HTML tables browser add-on such as Chrome: Table Capture 2.2 or  TableTools2 for Mozilla Firefox.


Chrome: Table Capture 2.2 - Copies HTML tables to the clipboard or creates a Google Doc from them.


  1. Install and enabling Table Capture 2.2 extension for Chrome.2014-03-10_0839.png
  2. Click the red "Table Capture" icon found on your browser to display found tables.



3.  Click either "Copy to Clipboard" or "To Google Doc" next to the row of desired table.  In this example:  Activity Log (activity list).



4.  In this example:  Copy to Clipboard > paste to Excel spreadsheet






TableTools2 Mozilla Firefox.

TableTools2 allows you to download the report and manipulate  (Copy, Sort, Search, Filter, Chart, Statistics, Rearrange, Combine & Compare)  HTML tables via Excel, Calc or another spreadsheet program.

  1. After installing and enabling TableTools2 add-on for Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Use the Search activity log on the black tools bar as normal to gather activity log data.
  3. Now, make sure all of the records are visible. Use the drop down box above the report to Show “X” Per Page. You can show up to 1000 entries at a time.
  4. Hoover your cursor over the report spreadsheet and Right Click your mouse (you may have to right­click twice depending on your configuration) on the port to find the TableTools2.


  5. Scroll down to TableTools2 ­> Copy ­> Table as Tab­ - Delimited Textcopy_tab.png
  6. Open the spreadsheet program and paste (just choose cell A­1, right­click and paste).
  7. You now have the report information ready to use, format, create graphs, and print for you or your client.

Remember that you can generate a report for almost any time period, message, or type of transaction, so make sure you explore and make yourself familiar with all of the options on the Activity Log Search page.


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