Activity Log Points Usage Report

Activity Log Points Usage Report

How can I find out where my points went?

search_toolbar.png1. From your Instant Customer home page, select Activity Log from the MANAGE menu at the top of the page.
2. Click Search on the black toolbar.
3. Enter in the date range for Search using the YYYY-MM-DD format.
4. Under Type choose Non-Credit (Any Points Spent)
5. Click Search Button to view a log with the points spent in the specified date range.


bulb_dim.png  Please note, phone numbers are a monthly charge.  Delete all phone numbers not used by an active campaign.

6.  If you have multiple pages switch the Show X (50) per page to Show 500 per page   2014-05-15_1143.png

7.  Now you can use a tool such as Table Capture for Chrome or table tools for Firefox to gather this  data and create spreadsheet report



Here are the links to the point breakdowns

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