Activity Log

Activity Log


In order to understand where your points are being used and to be able to bill high ­use clients, it is essential you understand how to search and download reports in your Activity Log.  You also need to access, review and download usage reports for yourself and clients. The Activity Log for your account­ wide reports is located in the Manage menu located at the top of the screen.

Please match the corresponding number with the below information.


1.  Account Activity - The default is your account ­wide usage for the current calendar month.

2.  Show Per Page - The default show log entries per page is 20.  However, IC allows you to view up to 1000 log entries per page by click on the drop down arrow.

3.  Page Tabs - Use the << arrows >> or the page number tabs to move from page to page.

4.  Search - In order to access specific information, click Search. Using the Search page, you can create reports for items such as specific broadcasts, email opens, or just general points used. bulb_dim.png If you need more robust Search and Reporting capabilities, please see topic Advanced Activity Log Reporting.


5.  View Graphs - This option displays an account wide graphical representation of the current calendar month.

6.  Column Headers 

  • Type/Status - activity logs entry or status change.
  • Description - description of logged event.
  • Campaign / Message - displays the associated campaign and/or message (such as an auto responder).  You can click directly on the orange text to view details of campaign and/or message. 
  • Client / Recipient - displays who subscribed or the recipient of the message.  You can click directly on the orange text to view details client and/or recipient.
  • Date - date/time stamp, also displays your set time zone.  bulb_dim.png  Please note, all dates and times are stored in GMT time, and all searches, reports, and graphs are tabulated using GMT time. The date column is converted to your timezone for display purposes only.
  • Points - points used or added.


bulb_dim.png  Activity within the past 24 hours may not be included in the Grand Total.






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