Add Extension

Add Extension

Before you create an Extension you need to make sure the following is already setup inside your campaign.

  • local number subscribers use to dial into Instant Customer.
  • recorded custom greeting message relevant to your campaign ie: “Thank you for calling XYZ Real Estate please enter the reference number of the property you would like to receive more information on”.

Once these steps are complete you can create your Extensions. 

To Add an Extension

1.  From the Campaign Dashboard, select the Extensions Tab. 


2.  Now select Add Extension
3.  You see your campaign name and a field to add your Extension number.

  • You need to enter a number above 20 here, this is your “reference” number.

4.  Now select from the four Type of Action options from the drop list.


  • Add to Another Campaign – This copies the subscriber from the current campaign into the campaign chosen. This is useful if you are trying to get existing subscribers targeting information while leaving them in running campaign.
  • Transfer to Another Campaign – This is the “best” practice method transfers the subscriber to the campaign you have set for the extension. This method would work best for the previously described scenario.
  • Transfer to Phone Number – With this option you can select an outside number, such as the main business line and the subscriber is transferred after entering the extension.
  • Play Audio File – This option will play an audio file you have uploaded to Instant Customer it will not subscribe them into a campaign.

5.  Choose Campaign 

  • If using either the Add to Another Campaign or Transfer to Another Campaign options you will want to select the campaign you would like the subscriber to be transferred or added to.  
  • The subscriber will then be transferred to the number associated with the campaign.
  • They can then leave their Name and E-Mail to subscribe and receive that campaigns content.

6.  Repeat process for each extensions.  You can create as many extensions as you need. 


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