Extension Examples

Extension Examples

Extensions can be very useful if you are trying to transfer / funnel subscribers who call into a specific campaign. Think of extensions like an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system that give users multiple options when they call your number.

Imagine you are working on a campaign for a Real Estate agent and each property had an individual reference number on the brochure or sign ie: For more information call 702.555.1212 and press option 21 now imagine a subscriber calling that number entering the reference number and being transferred to that campaign so they receive the autoresponders you have created. Pretty neat huh?

Extension Options:

  • Add to Another Campaign – This copies the subscriber from the current campaign into the campaign chosen. This is useful if you are trying to get existing subscribers targeting information while leaving them in running campaign.
  • Transfer to Another Campaign – This is the “best” practice method transfers the subscriber to the campaign you have set for the extension. This method would work best for the previously described scenario.
  • Transfer to Phone Number – With this option you can select an outside number, such as the main business line and the subscriber is transferred after entering the extension.
  • Play Audio File – This option will play an audio file you have uploaded to Instant Customer it will not subscribe them into a campaign.


Example uses of extensions include:

"Press 1 to be transferred to my office."
"Press 21 to hear about our upcoming event." - Plays an audio file.
"Press 22 to get more information about 123 Pine Street" - Adds subscriber to 123 Pine Street campaign.
"Press 23 to be transferred to my secretary." - Transfer to phone number


Greeting Message Command Examples

You should verbalize these instructions in the initial audio recording so the caller will know what digits to press:

Press 1 to transfer to a live operator (if applicable) 
Press 2 to leave a message. Say your name and then speak or spell your email address
Press 4 to repeat this message 
Press 7 to be removed 
Press 9 to end the call 
Press extension (insert your extension # here)

bulb_dim.png  Please note commands 1, 2, 4, 7 & 9 work only with the initial audio recording.  However, you can reference another extension from within the current extension recording.

For example,  A caller selected 22 to get more information about the address.  While they are listening to the extension 22 recording you could say "Press 23 to speak with my secretary about this address".

bulb_dim.png  (As of January 30, 2014:  Extensions work with US numbers only.  This is subject to change)


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