Campaign Details Tab Brief Overview

Campaign Dashboard Detail Brief Overview

Detail Tab

Your campaign Details tab includes both action items and useful summary information for your campaign.


There are a number of actions you can perform right from here.

Copy: Copy the auto-responders and webpages to a new campaign (subscribers, keywords and phone numbers are not copied)
Export: Export a text file of the campaign as a backup
Activity: View the Activity Log specifically for this campaign
Influence:  Get any unknown social influence scores for your subscribers (uses points)
Websites: rescans the websites submitted by subscribers
Profiles: rescan for additional Social Media information
Delete: deletes the campaign - use with care, campaigns cannot be undeleted!

Summary Information & Activity



  • The Campaign ID, Name & Email associated with the campaign.
  • The breakdown of subscriber methods used.
  • How much social media information the campaign has gathered.
  • Data for any upcoming or currently running events.
  • A preview of your incoming voice greeting.
  • A review your call forwarding settings. 


How to Subscribe

This section shows the currently available ways to subscribe to this campaign. This may include:

  • Text via 10 digit long code phone number
  • Text via 58885 shortcode + keyword
  • Voice via 10 digit long code or toll-free number
  • Email via keyword
  • Website


Embed Code

You can copy code here to use on a 3rd party website. Search the knowledge base articles for more information

My Instant Builder v 2.0 pages 

Display various capture methods you have setup in your campaign. You can click on URL to preview the page.

QR Code 

This is the QR Code for your Go Link setup on the Links tab.

Embed Code 

Is used to take the code from either a Lead Page and/or Web Form you created and add it to an existing website outside of Instant Customer.


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