Distribution Calendar

Distribution Calendar

Use the Distribution Calendar to view a snapshot of any upcoming submissions or message broadcasts you have scheduled for your account.

The Distribution Calendar displays any scheduled:  



  • Video Submissions      
  • Social Submissions      
  • Podcast Submissions      
  • Scheduled Events      
  • SMS Broadcasts      
  • Email Broadcasts      
  • Voicemail Broadcasts      
  • Notes/Reminders     


To view the calendar is full-screen mode click on Full View.


Filter Distribution Calendar Results

Using the legend on the left you can enable/disable various calendar categories. 





Switch Distribution Calendar View Option

You can toggle between Month, Week or Day views to help you focus or expand your results.  2014-08-15_1413.png

Click to Edit a Submission

If you see an item in your calendar you can click on it to edit it and make any changes that you need to.
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