Selecting a Template

Selecting a Template

The easiest way to start creating campaigns is to use one of Instant Customers templates.  One advantage of using a template is the attachment of a sequence of prewritten autoresponders.  Before selecting a template, you want to plan accordingly to your goals and audience.  This ensures a successful campaign.

First figure out what you want to accomplish.  Are you trying to sell a book?  Are you trying to sell tickets for an event?  Are you trying to capture leads?  Are you trying to establish an online authority?  Are you selling a membership?

Second, understand your target audience and their preferred communication preferences.  How do I capture a lead or get found with this target audience (flyers, business cards, videos, and blogs)?  Then once you have captured a lead how do you communicate with them? (Autoresponder & Broadcast, Voice etc.)

For example:  If your audience is the 60+ crowd then, a trigger texting campaign might not be appropriate.  Another example is the use of QR codes:  QR codes have been utilized in other countries for a long time whereas in the US, they are just now becoming popular (regionally).


bulb_dim.png  Please note:  You are not required to use all of the pages included in a template nor are you required to use all of the autoresponders. 


 The Create from Template option is under Campaigns at the top of the screen. 

  1. Under the template title, there is a short description of the template and an orange More link.  Here you can get a description of template purpose.
  2. In the upper left-hand corner you see the communication methods (SMS, Email etc.) already setup for you (you are not required to use everything).  
  3. Under some templates, select the Eye icon to play a video describing the template and a preview of a finished campaign.  Subscribe from this screen to emulate the subscriber's point of view. 
  4. A PDF icon opens a template worksheet.  It is important to go through the worksheet (before launching the wizard), answer the questions, gather your media and cross out what is not appropriate for your campaign.





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