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Home - Welcome Screen

System notifications may be displayed when you first log in to Instant Customer.  You will then see the Welcome Screen.  This screen displays how many Active Subscribers you have across the number of  active campaigns (not paused) as well as a Distribution Calendar.


To be classified as Active:  

  • Subscriber Status = subscribed


  • Email field - contains email address


  • Phone field - contains phone number






Distribution Calendar

Use the Distribution Calendar to view a snapshot of any upcoming submissions or message broadcasts you have scheduled for your account.


The Distribution Calendar displays any scheduled:


  • Video Submissions      
  • Social Submissions      
  • Podcast Submissions      
  • Scheduled Events      
  • SMS Broadcasts      
  • Email Broadcasts      
  • Voicemail Broadcasts      
  • Notes/Reminders     


To view the calendar is full screen mode click on Full View.


Filter Distribution Calendar Results

Using the legend on the left you can enable/disable various calendar categories. 





Switch Distribution Calendar View Option

You can toggle between Month, Week or Day views to help you focus or expand your results.  2014-08-15_1413.png

Click to Edit a Submission

If you see an item in your calendar you can click on it to edit it and make any changes that you need to.

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