Instant Customer Quick Start - Getting Started

Instant Customer Quick Start - Getting Started


1.        View Profile – Profile & Preferences – These globally recognized settings should be the first area you visit in Instant Customer.  Fill out the six tabs.  Below is a short overview of each section, more details can be found in knowledge base under View Profile.



  • Contact Info – Edit your personal information
  • Social Media Info – Enter your social media account info Facebook, YouTube, Twitter
  • Account Settings  -Time zone, Subscription Level, Points, Affiliate Branding and
  • Business Card Scanner settings.
  • Sub Accounts – Creation of Sub Accounts is an advanced topic.  You can revisit this section later.
  • API/Integration –   Instant Customer has officially moved away from the API Integration tab.  Instant Customer uses Zapier in place of the API integration tab.  Zapier is a service that makes it easy for non-technical users to create connections between hundreds of popular third-party services.  Please see Zapier topics for more information.




2.      Use WalkMe™ Interactive WalkThru™

Located near the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.  Type "Template" in the Search box and select the WalkThru™ titled "Creating Your First Campaign from a Template"


3.       Plan your campaign – You need to answer a few questions to plan a campaign.  These questions can best be answered by understanding your target audience.  How do you want to capture leads from your target audience?  What methods do you want to use to connect with these leads?  We recommend you plan and create your first campaign with the template #1 - Start Here - FREE OFFER Lead Page Campaign.  You can find this template by clicking Create from Template at the top of your screen.



Watch the template video (eye icon) and complete the Template PDF  Worksheet to plan your campaign before proceeding.  



4.       Manage Campaign - Now that you have planned your campaign, it is time to visit the Manage section of Instant Customer.


If applicable, you need to do the following before building your campaign:

  • Upload any files, such as audio, video, .pdf to use in your campaign in the Media Center.
  • Add any Phone Numbers or caller IDs to be used in your campaign.
  • Podcasts is where you can create an audio or video Podcast Channel with its own website, RSS feed link, and even submit it to iTunes.  This is an advanced topic and you can return to this later.
  • Quickly register a campaign domain in the Domain Manager.
  • bulb_dim.png  You can later return to the Links / QR to view the list of Links/QR you created from within your campaign.
  • bulb_dim.png  You can later return to the Activity Log after testing your campaign to get a points usage breakdown.


5.       Build Campaign -  We recommend building your first campaign with the #1 - Start Here - FREE OFFER Lead Page Campaign template.  Click on the Select button to get started and follow the prompts in the Custom Setup Wizard.






6.       Subscribe to your own campaign through all of the methods available.  This will allow you to test whether or not the opt-in methods are working as intended and auto responders are worded as intended etc.  From the top of the screen, select View All.


 From the list find your newly created campaign, hover over the title, and select View.



You will see your Campaign Dashboard.  Scroll down to view and test the various subscription (opt-in) methods in your campaign under the How to Subscribe section.  To preview any web pages setup in Instant Customer simply click the URL.


bulb_dim.png  Please remember when testing your campaigns that the system blocks duplicates. You will need to delete your subscriber record, then re-subscribe, to get a new set of your auto-responder messages. To test a web form multiple times on the same computer, you must enable 'kiosk' mode.  To turn Allow multiple people to fill out web form using the same computer (kiosk mode) setting on Edit the campaign, go to Opt-In Channels then the Fields tab.   


7.         Edit campaign to fine-tune any issues you found while testing campaign as a subscriber.  Hover over the name of the campaign and select Edit.  Now select Edit again and make any changes.  Be sure to select Save.




Additional Resources

  • Knowledge Base - You can search our Knowledge Base by topic or question.
  • Need Help?  - Walk Me - Located near the bottom of the screen.  Type in a topic or question in the field box. 


  • YouTube Channel - Video walkthroughs on how to use various tools:
  • Support Tab - You can also search the Knowledge base through the Support tab on the right side of the screen, as well as contacting billing and technical support.
  • Submit a Support Ticket - If you find that your question is not addressed you can always submit a ticket to support.  To do so, just type submit a ticket in the help box or Submit a Request form.
  • Need a Coach or Consultant? - Do you want to hire someone to administer your Instant Customer account for you or would you like a coach to help with effective strategies for your marketing campaigns?  If so, view our Instant Customer Professional Directory.


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