Navigate Campaign Dashboard

Navigate Campaign Dashboard

Please match the screenshots below with corresponding numbers. 



  1. The Campaign Name.
  2. The default tab is the Details tab.
  3. Campaign Information: campaign ID, status, owner and email.
  4. Click on the Social Media icons to view a list of your subscribers by the selected social media type.
  5. Subscriber information broken down by Total Subscribers and subscription method.


6.  A percentage between the number of Web Form Leads & Hits.

7.  Audio Greeting record your own message to great your customers. 

8.  Indicates if Call Forwarding is Active or Inactive according to the settings on the Opt-in Channels> SMS/Voice tab. 

9.  How to Subscribe displays various connect methods in your campaign.  Click on the URL to Preview web pages setup in Instant Customer. 

10.  QR Code for your Go Link setup on the Links tab.

11.  My Instant Builder click the URL to preview pages setup with Instant Builder.

12.  Embed Code insert an iFrame or Form into an existing website outside of Instant Customer.



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