Navigate Template Gallery

Navigate Template Gallery

The easiest way to get started creating campaigns is to use one of Instant Customers templates.  One advantage of using a template is the attachment of a sequence of prewritten auto-responders.  

Click Create from Template at the top of the screen. 


The Template Gallery is broken down into three sections:

  1. Membership Level Exclusives
  2. Instant Customer Essentials
  3. Favorites.

 Use the Search field and filters to find a campaign to suit your needs.



Please match the corresponding number in the screen shot with details below.  



1.  Exclusive templates are available to you based on the membership package you selected during enrollment.

2.  Name of template 

3.  Types of Autoresponders

4.  Brief description of the campaign template.

5.  Use the inner scrollbar located on the right-hand side of the template list (not browser window scrollbar).  Scroll down to view more campaign templates.



6.  Favorites button adds this template to the Favorites area.

7.  View related series templates.

8.  Preview - Select the View (Eye) icon to preview the page. 

9.  Campaign PDF worksheet. - Every template requires gathering basic information to help you build your campaign. Instant Customer includes a worksheet for some of the templates; it outlines just what this template provides and what is needed to complete the task. 

10.  The Select button launches the campaign wizards.  Click this button after you have completed the included worksheet and/or gathered your campaign planning materials, have it handy so you can refer to it as you progress through the wizard. 



11.  Select the wizard:  Options are Custom Setup Wizard or Express Setup Wizard.

  • The Express Setup Wizard populates your campaign with all of the default profile settings you create for your Instant Customer account.
  • The Custom Setup Wizard  will let you change all of those defaults. This is best used when you are setting up a campaign for someone else. Just select the type of wizard you want, and complete the walk-through of the campaign.













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