Close Methods - Sales Conversion Solutions

Close Methods - Sales Conversion Solutions

Instant Customer has one ultimate goal – turning your prospects into clients. Once you have them in your system, have made a connection, and have crunched their data, you must follow up and transform that potential into reality

Take a look at some Close Methods -Sales Conversion Solutions:

  • Online Events - Play your recorded webinars or teleseminars at the times of your choice and coordinate them with email and sms/text previews and reminders, then sit back and enjoy record-shattering attendance and sales.


  • Call to Action Tools - The best way to get sales is to ask for them. Instant Customer provides you with an effective and simple way to do this with our Call to Action Tools. Fully customizable redirect and buy buttons put you in control of where to send your soon to be customers.


  • Book Buyers List Builder - Build a list of your book buyers using Instant Customer’s receipt scraper, a cutting edge tool that takes buyers’ information and imports it right into your Instant Customer dashboard.


  • Funnel / List Segmentation - Segmenting your list is the only way for you to target each customer differently. This will increase the effect that your marketing has on each customer, and ultimately boost sales!


  • Payment Options - Payment options within Instant Customer give you multiple methods of accepting payment from your subscribers. By casting a wider offering, you will not exclude any one of your customers because they don’t trust how you handle your payments.


  •  Campaign Analytics - Tracking and analyzing the results of your marketing efforts is key. That’s why Instant Customer has given you the power tools you need to drill down the performance of your campaigns. When you know what’s working, you can leverage it to gain more traffic and sales.


  • 280+ Web App Integrations - Instant Customer can integrate with over 280 Web Apps. This means that these programs can speak to each other, and actions within Instant Customer can be triggered by actions in your existing systems. It’s the closest thing to magic in the marketing world.
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