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It’s generally agreed that one of the best first steps towards gathering a tribe of raving fans and growing a successful business is building a working list of prospects and customers that is much more than just a bunch of names and email addresses.  It’s most effective if you also collect useful marketing details on your tribe members and organize this data in a way that will help you build powerful campaigns that build rapport and truly connect with those people.

Whether you choose to use traditional forms of lead capture such as email, voice and web forms or are ready to step up to the latest mobile marketing technology that is revolutionizing marketing communications, Instant Customer delivers it all for you in one easy to use integrated, automated platform.


Let’s take a brief look at Instant Customer’s capture methods:

SMS / Text Messaging

  • SMS / text messaging is the most readily accessible method your likely prospects can use to instantly subscribe to your campaigns.  
  • Once you have this setup, your prospects can freeform text their name, email address, website and whatever else you’d like to prompt them for to your Campaign Phone number.
  • Their texted information will automatically populate your campaign’s database fields into a Subscribers List.
  • You can immediately respond to their text via an Auto Responder and/or schedule as many future replies to them as you want.

Email Automation

  • When you start a campaign, you automatically get a unique email address.
  • You’ll be able to quickly send professional looking, full featured emails that really convert.

Web Form

  • If you have an existing website, you can create a web form inside Instant Customer.  
  • Then you can embed this web form code into your existing site to capture your prospect’s information.
  • This prospect information can then be automatically placed into campaign of your choice.  
  • Then they will then automatically receive your series of rapport building and sales messages from an email autoresponder, by mobile text or a direct-to-voicemail call.

Lead Capture Page

  • If you don't have an existing website or have one without an existing web form, you quickly can create a Lead Capture site inside Instant Customer.
  • Prospects who request information from your Lead Page will automatically be added to your subscriber list for that campaign.

Business Card Scanning

  • Our Iphone app allows you to capture your prospect’s info right from their business card.
  • Simply snap a quick photo of a new prospect’s business card with your iPhone and all the info on the card will automatically be transcribed into data fields and assigned to the campaign of your choice.


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