Navigating Main Screen

Navigating Main Screen

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1. Manage

  • You run account wide Reports
  • Upload audio, video, images and documents to the Media Center. 
  • Set up Phone Numbers to be used in your campaign.
  • View the Activity Log which shows where points are being used in campaigns.
  • You can view any Links / QR used in your campaigns and track how many scans.
  • Transactions
  • Quickly register a campaign domain in the Domain Manager.
  • Login Profiles (not available in all subscription packages)
  • Pricing Packages (not available in all subscription packages)


2. Publish

  • Quick Submit
  • Videocasting
  • Socialcasting
  • Podcasts is where you can create an audio or video Podcast Channel with its own website, RSS feed link, and even submit it to iTunes.


3. Broadcast

  • Select from SMS / Text, Emails, Voicemails, and Disk Mailers.
  • A  global list of all the broadcasts, across all campaigns will appear based on the type of broadcast you selected.
  • You can add a new broadcast or hover over an existing broadcast to view more commands.


4. Campaigns

  • If you want to have complete control over how you setup up a new campaign Instant Customer select Build From Scratch.
  • Select Create from Template creates a campaign from the Template Gallery. 
  • Upload any campaigns you have exported and saved.
  • Use Subscriber Search to quickly find subscribers based on criteria and filters


5.  Information

  • Any alerts arrive in your Inbox.  
  • View Profile information such as your points balance & global profile preferences which populate campaigns.  There are also links to Upgrade your account, Managed Accounts and Buy Points.


6. Search campaigns based on a keyword typed in the field.


7. Here is a Campaign List of all the campaigns you have created so far.  Hover over a campaign to View, Edit, Copy or Delete.



8. Need Help - Walk Me is a tool shown at bottom of the screen.  You can type in a question or topic in this box to open Interactive Training, Training Videos and Knowledge Base.  




9.  Support Tab  is an Orange Box residing on the right-hand side of the screen.  Here you can search for information in the knowledge base or to submit a support ticket.


10.  Logout of Instant Customer by selecting the icon in upper right-hand corner of the screen.




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