Connect Methods

Connect Methods

Now that your interested prospects have taken the first step and contacted you for more information what do you do next?  Instant Customer gives you the tools to connect to a contact by sending out an immediate response.

Let us take a look at the many ways Instant Customer allows you to connect to your contacts:


  • Customers who reply to your email will not only have their email content transcribed to your campaign database, but will also trigger a reply email from you carrying on the conversation.
  • You can automatically set up what we call “Virtual SMS/Text Conversations,” giving your prospects and customers the feeling of a live conversation with your company via the local allocated subscriber phone number assigned to a campaign.
  • These conversations can be used to give them information or to collect survey data for smarter marketing to them later.


Direct to Voicemail Messages

  • Direct to Voicemail Messages are a great way to contact customers without the interruption. 
  • These calls are sent directly to your contacts mobile phone inbox; their phone doesn’t even ring; it just signals that they’ve received a voicemail.



  •  To present your services or products.



  • Smartly built and filtered campaign lists means you send targeted and personalized emails (such as a newsletter) to your customers.
  • You can send out an SMS text broadcast to all or part of your campaign subscribers list.
  • An offer deadline reminder, or a last minute promotion to help increase business are all great uses for a SMS broadcast. 



  • Podcasting your message to your audience is a great way to reach them in their spare time. Whether it’s in their car, on a run, or while they rest, you will be the voice they are listening to. That’s personal connection at it’s finest. That’s podcasting.


One-Click Content Distribution Tools

  •  Videocasting

When you publish a videocast, you are leveraging the entire internet to broadcast your content to the connected world – for free! The content can then be converted into many other formats like audio, books, or PDFs. Create once and cast everywhere!

  • Socialcasting

Build your audience by distributing your content across different social media networks. This content could be podcast episodes, videos, or audio! You’re repurposing and reusing everything and distributing it everywhere.


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