Get QR Code

Get QR Code

bulb_dim.png  Please note:  if you make a QR (quick response) code for a specific campaign you need to do so from the Campaign Dashboard > Links Tab.  If you want to make one for a third party website you can make this from the Links / QR Manager at the top of your screen


1.  After creating the link, click on Get QR. 




2.  Now select a Size.  The size you select depends on where you intend to use the resulting image.  For example:  if you are making a business card you would want to use the small option.  If you are making a large tradeshow poster you would want to use large or extra large options.


3.  Click on Get Image button.

4.  When prompted, save the QR Code image (.png) to your computer.
5.  Rename the QR Code to something meaningful to its intended use.






6.  The resulting image looks like this:



bulb_dim.png  Please note the QR Code you see on your Campaign Dashboard corresponds with the Go URL found in the How to Subscribe area.

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