Videos no auto play on iPhone or Android

Videos no auto play on iPhone or Android

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Videos iPhone

Unfortunately, the native media playback in an iPhone is QuickTime.  QuickTime is a multimedia utility created by Apple, Inc.; frequently used for sharing music and videos. If you own an iPhone, a QuickTime plug-in is included with your phone. The plug-in allows you to open QuickTime files received by MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) and email. Your phone's QuickTime plug-in will also convert comparable media files to QuickTime so that you can play them back on your phone.

Android (other devices)
Unfortunately, the default media player on an Android phone will not auto play videos as well.  However, Android allows the user to switch default apps.  
To do so, go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications and then press the “All” tab. Choose the application that you previously selected as default, and scroll to the section “Launch by default” and press the “Clear defaults” button.
Next time you open that particular type of file in the future, Android will prompt you again to choose the new default app.
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