Update - Replace Media Center Files

Update - Replace Media Center Files

bulb_dim.png  Due to the limitations of the database, you can not change the file link in the media center.  Therefore, if you need to update a document or add another file frequently during a campaign it is recommended you create an Alias Link to the file from within the campaign itself. 


Change link to bonus document (PDF)

For Example, if you need to update frequently a PDF (or other type) document on your Thank You page during the course of a campaign.

1.  Upload the document to the Media Center and Edit the file name. 

2.  Do not create a short link on this screen as this will be done from the Add Link on your campaign dashboard.

3.  From your campaign dashboard and go to the Links tab and select Add New Link.

4. Type in the name of QR link.

5. Leave the URL blank for now.  This URL originates from the Media Center file URL link.  Edit this URL (target link)  each time you upload a new version of a document or other type of file.

6. Type in an Alias and select Save.




7.  Now go back to you media center and select the file link URL (target link) for the document you would like to appear on the Thank You page.

8.  Select Copymedia_link.png

9.  Go back to your campaign and select Edit button under the correct Link.

10.  Now paste this URL into the field left blank above then select Save Link.




11.  The Alias link  Alias: is now ready to be used in the Thank You page of your campaign.





12.  Now all you need to do is Edit the link and change the Target Link URL of the Alias to the new uploaded document (PDF).





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