Media Center

Media Center

The Media Center retains your personal media files such as; videos, audio, documents and images.  Here you can upload and manage your stored media for use across all campaigns.  You can select and upload multiple files at once using the bulk upload. The file upload size limit is 1000 MB.  You can also rename, add tags to or delete files from the Media Center. 

Video Files

  • This tab shows all of your video files.  
  • Video Files must be .flv, .mov, .avi, .wmv, .webm, .mp4,.m4v or .ogv.
  • The system transcodes your video into the .mp4 and .webm formats.
  • We highly recommned .mov and .mp4 file formats.  

Audio Files ­

  • This tab lists all of your audio files.
  • Audio Files must be .mp3, .m4a, .aiff, .wav or .mov (audio only).


  • This tab shows all your documents.
  • Instant Customer supports .txt, .rtf,  .doc, .docx (Microsoft Word), .ppt, .pptx (Powerpoint), .key (Keynote), .ics (Calendar) and  .pdf files.

Image Files

  • This tab displays all of your image files.
  • Image Files must be .png, .jpeg, .jpg or .gif format. 

Preview Your Media

If your file (in this example a video) has finished processing, you can view a preview by clicking on the link.


Copy Link - Sharing Your Media

Instant Customer provides links to all the media files.  If you don't see the copy button to the left of the media center URL, it is probably due to not having Flash® Player installed and/or enabled.

Media Short Links

We even provide short links to all of your media files. Simply hover over copy area, and a Create Short Link button will appear.   bulb_dim.pngShort links are great to use in SMS messages as they do not take up too many characters to send.

Edit Media Files

Simply mouse over the media file and an Edit button appears.  You can make changes and then select Save.

Delete Media

Files Simply mouse over the media file and a Delete button appears.  Click on delete button to permanently remove the file.

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