Add Files to Media Center

Add Files to Media Center

  1. Select the Media Upload link to the right-hand side of the main screen.
  2. You can add your files either by:
  • Flash-Based Bulk File Uploader (great for multiple images) 
  • Bypass Video Processing & Resizing (.mp4 only)
  • URL to File (fastest and most reliable method) 
  • Email your media file to (xxxxxx  = your Account number)
  • Record Audio by Phone


Flash-Based Bulk File Uploader

  1. Click on the Select Files button.select_media_file.png
  2. You can select and upload multiple files at once using the bulk uploader by holding down the Shift key.
  3. Upload Size Limit is 1000 MB.
  4. A 200MB mp4 or mov file can take up to 20 minutes to process once the upload is complete.
  5. When the upload is done, the screen displays a  "completed" status.

Bypass Video Processing & Resizing (.mp4 only)

This toggle is for usage with really large high definition video files.           
If your .mp4 file is already optimized, this will speed up the time it takes to process the file.  

URL to File

  1. URL to File is the fastest and most reliable method.
  2. Enter in the URL where the image resides.
  3. Then enter in the email address you would like to receive the "finished processing" alert.
  4. Now select the Fetch & Save button.



Email your media file to

You can upload any media via email by using your assigned upload email. NOTE: Send only one file per email.

(xxxxx = your Account number)



Record Audio by Phone - Instructions are Found in the Media Center - Add Files

You can use our toll-free number to record your audio files

  1. Dial +1 (866) 603-3995 and enter PIN #: 1010
  2. Then enter (your account ID displays)  when prompted for your account ID.
  3. Once you are done recording, select the # button.
  4. Your audio will be added to your Media Center, Audio tab moments later.
  5. Refresh the page to select your new recording from the audio files list.
  6. bulb_dim.png  It is advised that you rename your phone-recorded audio files to something more descriptive.

bulb_dim.png Due to the limitations of a database, you can not change the file link in the media center.  Therefore, if you need to update a document or add another file during a campaign it is recommended you create an Alias Link to the file from within the campaign itself.  Please read knowledge base article "Replace a file in the Media Center".

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