Setting up Google Apps in Domain Manager

New steps to setup Google Apps email for domains registered through TG's Domain Manager after your site has been published and is live.

1) Go to Domain Manager tool and click on the "setup now" link for the domain name you are wanting to setup.
2) Click the "Click here" link to launch Googles App setup page is step 1
3) Sign up for Google Apps
4) Click the "Confirm that you own your domain" link
5) Click the drop down menu for your "Domain Provider" and select "Other" at the bottom of the list
6) Copy the full verification link given by Google
7) Go to Step 3 in TG Domain manager setup and paste verification link and click the "Setup Domain for Verification" link
8) After you get the "Your domain verification code has been setup" in TG setup go back to Google Apps and click the "Verify" button
9) Google will go to your site to confirm the verification code has been properly placed in your header (behind the scene, you will not be able to visibly see it) click the continue button
10) Go to the "Direct Email to Google Apps Mail" and follow step until complete.
11) You will get the confirmation message from Google that your done and your email should be live within 30 mins

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