I am a newbie and starting a blog in my website - do I start my blog in TG?

If you would like your blog to be on your website, you will want to start your Wordpress blog outside of TG so you can put it in your website. For more information on how to do that go to Youtube and use the keyword "Wordpress Blog Set-up" Once you have it up and going, then connect it to Traffic Geyser. We have several videos on how to do blogging with Traffic Geyser. One is under Extras -> Training Videos. Just scroll down to Blogging or use this link for a direct link.

We also have several FAQ calls that touch on blogging and Traffic Geyser. Just go to the Salmon colored box on the right side of TG's Home Page and click on registering. When the new page opens up, scroll down and pick the FAQ call of your choice. We have transcriptions of each call to make it easier to see what is covered during the hour and a half call. The titles of the calls are just the tip of the iceberg. July and August 2010 have the most information on this.

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