How do I get my autoresponder to work with the Lead Page Generator?

There are two ways to accomplish this.

1. In the Lead Notifications tab there is a box labeled "Autoresponder Email Address." If your Autoresponder provider supports the use of email input you can use this service. Please check with them BEFORE attempting to use this method as most that do, do not prefer it.

 It is recommended regardless if your service supports lead inputs via email or not that you use the "Form Setup" tab (details below) instead as your first option. If you do use the form option you need to leave the Autoresponder Email box blank. This is an either or option, not both.

This is the recommended way of linking your Autoresponder to your LPG page.

A - Select this box to enable the Form Setup feature. By selecting this you will disable the "Autoresponder Email Address" box in the Lead Notification tab and also the entire "Fields for Lead Form" tab.

B - Select the autoresponder service that you use.

C - Paste in the HTML code supplied by your autoresponder service.

D - Maps Field will help the LPG translate your variables for the Thank You Page.

E - Name of the variables to be used in Thank You Page.





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If you use an Autoresponder service other than one listed specifically in the drop down menu you should be able to get it to work using this option and pasting the html code from your service into the box.


However we highly suggest you test it out before using it. It will either work or it will not. If it does not then this feature will not work for you.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using an Autoresponder service that requires you to choose "other" as your choice in our pull down menu then the following features of Lead Pages will not work -

* Thank you messages (page, email and SMS)
* Lead Notifications (email and SMS)
* Integration with send out cards

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