Why do Sites cancel submissions

There are 5 sites in our Video Sharing section that are dependent on a successful YouTube submission in order for those sites to be submitted to successfully. If YouTube fails its submission then our system will automatically cancel the submissions for Fark, Gawkk, Hictu, Tagworld, VideoBash, VodPod & YourDailyMedia. All Social Bookmark and Status sites work the same way although we also submit a successful Daily Motion url to these sites but you will also see cancelled status on these site types if either of these sites fail. You could though have successful submission if either or both Daily Motion and YouTube submit successfully.

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    Katie Puc

    so what to do...?  is it SAFE to resubmit once I fixed the YouTube problem?  (it was a login/password error on my part - fixed now_)

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    Robin Phillips

    Brandon, Yes you would want to delete the job that has the cancelled submissions and then go back to your save template and resubmit after your YT issue has been resolved and YT is showing a green check mark (validated) in your profile. Make sure that if you did have any sites successfully submitted to that you deselect those sites as to not submit to them twice. 

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