Why did my submission fail?

Anytime you have a failure to a site in your submission you can pick up clues as to why it failed most times by going to the Task Manager and clicking on the snapshot icon on the far right column. This will either show a screen shot of what TG last saw or a message we received from the site. In the case of YouTube we get a message.

The most common one is: "Invalid Username and Password. Please make sure that you are using a FULL E-MAIL ADDRESS (example: as a username if you are using a Google account. For YouTube accounts, it is not required."

Even though you can log into YouTube manually with a username in order to do automated submissions now it needs the email address.

Other common reasons for a failure is the site timed out while trying to load the video, the site may be down at the time you are submitting, or the file type you are using is not supported.

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