Can not get files uploaded from local drive up to Traffic Geyser Media Manager

This issue is being caused by one of three things.

1. Your Browser - This is the most likely cause and what I would check first. We see this a lot with Internet Explorer as it is not always the most reliable browser to use when it comes to sites like Traffic Geyser where you need to interface with it to the degree you must. I would first try clearing your browser cache and history and try again. If that does not help then use a different browser. I would suggest Firefox.

2. Flash - For whatever reason this application does not upgrade well sometimes.  Instead of upgrading it you should try uninstalling it and then install the latest version a new.

3. Your Firewall - Rare- Sometimes your firewall gets triggered when it sees files being copied from the local drive up to the Internet. Especially if you have your security set too high. Would suggest seeing about lowering it or temporarily disabling it to see if it fixes it.  

Even rarer still is your anti-virus software.  If the first three suggestions do not work this would be something to try.

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