Upload and login failures

You must understand that it is impossible to get 100% success on any submission. Also understand that "upload failure" usually means that the login was successful but the upload process itself failed.

That's because there is no one standard format that works for every site and the criteria that the sites require will change on us. Sometimes the sites are down for maintenance at the time of your submission or they temporarily cutoff all incoming submissions if their bandwidth is getting too high. Many times the site is too slow in responding to the login or upload request.

One thing you can do is look in your task status list, and click on the snapshot icon next to the failed item.

The snapshot is an image of exactly what the site returned back to us. In most cases if you look through that, you'll see what the problem is.

However, not all sites return any useful information for you to be able to determine what is wrong, but most of them do. If you get a blank screen, it usually means that there was a timeout error with that particular site and hopefully they'll be back if you try to resubmit it.

If you constantly get a failure on the same site you may need to see if you can manually login to the site and process a submission manually, using EXACTLY the same file, the same keywords, descriptions etc... you'll be able to watch and see what is wrong. Common problems include file size too big, file type wrong, keywords too long, descriptions too long, etc.

You should also check the User Guide section under Log in and Account Setup for special instructions on a few minor things needed to be done at some sites before the automated upload will work.

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