How to set up a download page

There are many ways of doing this. I will walk you through the preferred method and then give you a few variances and you can decide what you want to do depending on your resources and skill level.

You should have an autoresponder (AR) service using what they call a double opt-in feature.

Someone opts into your lead page and that information is sent to your AR and also brings up the thank you page. The thank you page tells them that you just sent an email to them (via your AR) that they need to open and click on the confirmation link. This is a good practice on many levels not the least of which you verify that they gave you a valid email address.

Once they click on the link they get sent to a landing page that you are hosting that houses your pdf and the page has a download link on it. They click on the link and it gets downloaded to them. Again this is the best way.

Other things you can certainly do is host the PDF someplace and place the download link on the thank you page. The disadvantage to this is someone can get your report by giving you a bogus email address.

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