What are credits?

There are different types of credits for different features and functions within Traffic Geyser.

The most common one is the submission credit. These are deducted every time you submit your content through Traffic Geyser. One Submission Credit is good for one successful upload to one site. These renew every 30 days in most account types.

The Transcript Credit is a second type of credit Traffic Geyser uses. These are credits that can be used to have your videos or audio files in the Media Manager transcribed in a text or word doc format. One credit is deducted for every second of audio or video play time that is being transcribed. These credits carry over from one month to the next and are good for as long as your Traffic Geyser account is active with us. They need to be purchased.

For some account levels we offer Domain Credits. One credit is equal to the purchase of one domain.

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